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World's biggest DDoS mitigation network is here

Neustar and Limelight Networks have teamed up recently to offer companies an advanced protection solution against DDoS attacks.

Neustar is a real-time information services provider, while Limelight Networks are a digital content delivery service.

The joint effort will see Neustar's DDoS solution SiteProtect amplified with Limelight’s premier content delivery network. That way, the service will become, as the two companies put it, ‘the world’s largest, most distributed DDoS mitigation network’.

Through the partnership, the current DDoS mitigation network will have its capacity increased tenfold, to 10 Terabits per second, it was said in the press release following the announcement.

The two companies hope this new service will discourage the use of DDoS attacks in the first place.

“We understand how important it is for our customers to protect critical infrastructure and ensure systems and websites are up and running 24x7,” said Rodney Joffe, Neustar’s Senior Vice President, Distinguished Engineering Fellow, and Head of National Security.

“The global scale and stability of the Limelight platform will enable Neustar to outpace attackers and mitigate the world’s largest DDoS attacks with unrivaled performance and minimal disruption.”

The new service will operate as a unique, integrated and distributed DDoS mitigation network, with 27 in-region DDoS mitigation centres.

DDoS, or Distributed Denial of Service, is a cyber-attack in which multiple infected machines, all over the world, send traffic to a specific system at the exact same time, flooding the system with requests and ultimately overloading it until it can no longer function properly.

Cyber-security experts say this type of attack serves as a door-opener for other, more malicious attacks such as malware, or data theft.

Image Credit: Maksim Kabakou / Shutterstock

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