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BT calls for the UK to remain in the EU

This morning at the IDATE DigiWorld conference in London, BT’s CEO of global services Luis Alvarez called for the UK to avoid a Brexit and vote to remain a part of the EU.

Speaking to Francois Barrault - chairman of IDATE DigiWorld - at the BT tower in St Pauls, Alvarez said: “as a company, we believe that it’s better to remain in the European Union. We need to maximise the opportunity of working together across the EU.”

He also spoke about how the referendum is in danger of becoming “a very big distraction for a lot of people” and suggested that remaining a part of the EU will ultimately be beneficial for businesses and workers in the UK.

BT joins a host of other technology companies that have come out in support of avoiding a UK Brexit. Microsoft and HP have both publicly come out in support of the UK remaining in the EU and a recent survey from teckUK revealed that 70 per cent of tech companies in the UK are in favour of remaining a part of Europe.

Another survey from Talent Point also suggested that the UK’s tech sector would struggle if the country was to leave the EU by potentially losing 25 per cent of the current UK tech talent pool.

The technology industry is certainly joining forces in its public support for avoiding a Brexit, whether it gets its wish remains to be seen.

Image Credit: chrisdorney / Shutterstock