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Four design tips to boost your website conversion

It is important to design a website which is visually appealing. However, it is more important to design a website that gets more targeted traffic, gets higher leads, and has a high conversion rate.

The ultimate aim of any business website is to generate revenue. If the site is highly aesthetic and pleasing to the eye but is not aligned with the goals of the company, it will be of little worth. Many business owners complain that they have an impeccable website and good traffic, yet their conversion is too low.

If that is the case, it is the time to look into the website design and figure out what is actually wrong with it. Here are some design tips for you to get better website conversion.

Make sure your website design is responsive

This is one of the most important things to implement during the website design. If you have a website that is not mobile friendly, then it's time for you to go for a major revamp. Today, everyone has smartphones and handheld devices and are using the internet on the go all the time. With so much influx from mobile phones, don't you want to get a share of it?

If your site is mobile friendly, you are likely to get considerably much higher traffic and thus better conversion. If a user experiences problem while accessing your website on the mobile phone, he or she will instantly jump over to a competitor’s website.

Keep the design simple

Website design trends have changed dramatically. Only a few years back, the webmasters were using elements like Flash quite liberally. They believed that the more complex the design, the better will be its reputation. This is certainly not the case any longer.

Flash and animation do have their use but not all the time. Remember that there is a difference between innovation and disruption. Some designers use bizarre techniques and name it innovation. In truth, these things turn out to be disruption and cause bad user experience. Keep things simple and make the layout clean and legible.

Let’s say you visit two websites to find some information. On the first website, you were able to spot what you were looking for in less than 3 seconds. On the other site it took you about a minute to get to the information. Which site would you prefer? Obviously the first one! This is what the user wants; being able to find information quickly and easily. This is where the navigation menu plays such an important role. Just make sure that your navigation is easy and you will see better conversion.

Call to action and contact

The user comes to your website and absolutely likes your offer. He wants to buy it. But he cannot locate the button to make the purchase. So, he thinks he would rather contact you. But finding the contact info was also some task. So the customer leaves.

The learning here is that your site should have a clear call to action and customers should be able to contact you easily.

Photo Credit: Yuriy Boyko/Shutterstock