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Quality data most important for marketing success

Up-to-date and quality information about the target audience is the single, most important piece of information marketing campaigners need, according to the latest studies.

Royal Mail Data Services, the specialist data business of Royal Mail Group, surveyed UK’s businesses about the importance of various elements when creating a marketing strategy, and according to the poll – quality of data ranks number one.

It ranked as most important in 75 per cent of cases, scoring higher than targeting and analysis (73 per cent), campaign timing (70 per cent) and personalisation (also 70 per cent).

What’s interesting about this report is that it also ranked higher than campaign creative (62 per cent) – all the catchy one-liners and the visuals you see in ads and commercials.

“The simple truth is that marketers can’t convert customers they can’t reach. Our research reveals poor data quality remains the root cause of marketers’ struggle with campaign response and conversion rates,” says Jim Conning, Managing Director, Royal Mail Data Services.

“Marketers know that quality, up-to-date customer data is a prerequisite for campaigns to be effective. But if the business processes, including data management and validation, are not in place to ensure that data is accurate, permissioned and actionable then marketers will fall at the first hurdle.”

Even though more than two thirds (67 per cent) of companies said getting a valid postal address was the single most important piece of data they could get their hands on, in less than half of cases (46 per cent), businesses use validated data.

The full report can be found on this link.

Image source: Shutterstock/Maksim Kabakou

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