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Brits are 'obsessed with work', and that's not a good thing

One might think that having a 'work-obsessed' nation might be good for a country's prosperity, but quite the opposite seems to be true.

That is, according to a new research by cloud-based identity and access management company, OneLogin.

According to the company's new report, both abovementioned statements seem to be true: Britons truly are 'obsessed' with work, and it's not really helping the economy.

Here's how it came to these conclusions:

The first thing a quarter of employees do in the morning is – check their work apps. This came before social media (18 per cent) and news sites (11 per cent). What's more, 66 per cent check their work apps while on public transport, 37 per cent in bed, 30 per cent in the car, and 18 per cent on a night out.

Almost half (46 per cent) have at least one or two work apps on their mobile, and 23 per cent have three, or more. All of them check those apps, at least once a day. So yes, it's safe to say that we're quite 'obsessed' with work.

But how is that exactly hurting the economy?

In two ways, OneLogin says. The more obvious one is the work / life balance, which has seriously been tilted in work's favour. The more hidden one is related to data safety. Checking work apps outside of work brings with it certain security risks.

“Remote and desk-less employees are of course largely beneficial to organisations in terms of productivity and scaling down on costs,” says Per Stritich, VP of EMEA at OneLogin. “However, the correct measures need to be put in place to ensure remote workforces are accessing data securely and that it’s not placed in the hands of others. For example, single sign-on technologies and IAM solutions will ensure only the employee can access work data, no matter who else gets their hands on the device.”

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