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InfoSecurity 2016: Four compete for crown of most innovative small cyber security company

Alongside the main expo at InfoSecurity Europe 2016, there has been a competition running looking for the UK's most innovative small cyber security company.

Eleven companies were given a spot in the UK Cyber Innovation Zone at the conference, with four of the featured companies pitching-off against each other in front of a panel of industry experts to be crowned the winner.

Each company was allowed a three-minute pitch, followed by a three-minute period for questions from the panel, made up of representatives from the likes of Gartner, Microsoft and IBM.

The four finalists were: Managed security services provider Assuria, network monitoring firm Intruder, data protection and visibility company Exonar and Device Authority, focused on security in the Internet of Things.

Assuria director and co-founder Terry Pudwell spoke about bringing "enterprise-grade security" to SMEs that don't have the budgets, knowledge and experience of large organisations. The company is also in the early stages of a new initiative to create a network of Security Operation Centres (SOCs) across the country, providing threat intelligence and managed security services to local companies.

Adrian Barrett, founder and CEO of Exonar, focused on the need for companies "to be able to understand the characteristics and landscape" of all their information - citing the recent TalkTalk and Sony hacks - whilst Chris Wallis, Intruder's founder and CEO, explained how the company is trying to provide a platform for small companies "to find and fix security vulnerabilities."

But the winner in the end was Device Authority which, according to chief security officer and co-founder Jon Penney, is taking a "different approach to IoT security" by simplifying the challenges organisations face when protecting access to services and data for the IoT.

All four companies performed extremely well - three minutes really isn't much time to promote your company - and more details of their individual pitches can be found on our InfoSecurity 2016 live blog.