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Businesses can now share threat intelligence easily

For years now, there has been talk about real-time sharing of threat intelligence among companies as a new approach to cyber-security, and Carbon Black has just launched one such solution.

By sharing information about attacks, and knowledge on how they can be stopped or mitigated, businesses everywhere will stand a much better chance against cyber-criminals. And it makes sense, really. Hackers collaborate among themselves. They use forums and dark web marketplaces to share tools, experience and expertise, while security experts are sitting in isolated silos, frequently falling prey to already defeated types of attacks.

Now, with the new Detection eXchange, cyber-security experts can do the same. According to the company, more than 10,000 experts are joining forces, including 1,800 customer organisations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to regional retailers, and more than 70 top incidents response firms. Managed security services providers are also jumping on the bandwagon.

“Simply put, the more attackers attack, the stronger we become as a community via the Detection eXchange,” said Carbon Black Chief Technology Officer, Michael Viscuso. “No organization should have to battle adversaries alone. In uniting the cyber-security community, we are empowering businesses of all sizes to benefit from threat intelligence previously reserved for only those teams with mature security programs.”

At the very core of this program is the opportunity to share 'Patterns of Attack', identifying the behaviour, techniques and tactics of the attacker. Once these patterns are identified and stored, they can be detected wherever in the enterprise environment they occur.

As the community continues to share, it becomes stronger.

Image source: Shutterstock/BeeBright

Sead Fadilpašić

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