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Digital leadership essential to quality digital transformation

If you were thinking getting a younger workforce would help your company adopt new digital tools easier, you're in for a nasty surprise.

As it turns out, Millennials won't help your woes – a different approach is needed. Those are the results of a new survey by Cisco, done in partnership with the Institute of Cultural Capital (ICC).

Instead, the biggest priorities should be 'creating a positive digital culture', and 'encouraging worker confidence in digital tools'. Forget the 'you were born with a mouse in your hand!' approach, it's not gonna work.

In order to achieve proper transformation, and ‘get your digital culture’ right, Cisco advises everyone to create clear leadership, to foster a positive attitude towards such technology, limit organisational barriers and have good communications.

“Our research reveals that without first fostering the right culture in the workplace and following a few golden rules when engaging with employees, it’s possible for digital roll-outs to go off-track,” says Phil Smith Chief Executive, Cisco UK & Ireland.

“Employees are craving clear digital leadership to drive the organisation forward and the boardroom must ensure digital delivers on its promise to help drive productivity and organisational effectiveness.”

Other findings highlight the importance of digital leadership. Out of 3,000 employees polled, 24 per cent are confident in the digital vision placed by senior management. Almost half (45 per cent) are undecided, and 19 per cent are ‘actively concerned about their company’s digital future’.

Moreover, 29 per cent think their leadership is struggling, and another 29 per cent said their company is simply not ready.

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Sead Fadilpašić

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