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There's definite mileage in digital signage for retailers during Euro 2016

According to the results of a new survey by Vista Retail Support, 62 per cent of shoppers will be tempted into stores by digital signage throughout major tournaments such as Euro 2016.

This temptation is based on shoppers seeing retailers advertising substantial offers on digital screens in shop windows, with 48 per cent of respondents saying they would go in if the offer featured the right product.

Furthermore, 80 per cent of consumers can be persuaded to buy via offers displayed on digital screens or smartphones and 40 per cent said they would take up the offer if it was good enough.

“Retailers need to have the full range of technologies on their side in-store during major events like football tournaments which can be both highly disruptive and highly lucrative,” said James Pepper, technical services director, Vista Retail Support.

“Our survey shows that consumers are open to offers during tournaments, with potentially big gains for canny retailers who put the right solutions in place and know how to use them.”

But it's not just big discounts that will grab the attention of shoppers. 52 per cent said football-related video clips or ads featuring famous pundits and players will catch their eye during major tournaments such as Euro 2016.

Pepper added: “In-store technologies are increasingly coming together in powerful combinations that, in terms of sales, put the ball in the back of net more frequently. For example, we can now respond to facial expressions of consumers looking at signage by sending them an offer via their smartphone,” adds Pepper. “The opportunities are there – 23 per cent of respondents, for example said they are more likely to buy TVs and other electronics during Euro 2016, while 75 per cent were more likely to buy alcohol.

“But 44 per cent said the biggest problem was that stores become very busy before important matches, which means any retailer using technology to make choices easier and quicker for their customers will be on the winning side.

“If retailers are alert to these opportunities, they will certainly score more sales.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Andres Garcia Martin