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New app promises easier access to GP appointments

There's a new app in town, which promises to speed up access to healthcare.

The app, called myGP, is commissioned by NHS England, and allows patients to securely book and / or cancel appointments, talk to their doctor, and get notified when they need to take their medication. The app also offers some basic self-care features, such as blood pressure check-up, or a weight monitor.

Its main benefit is the simplification of the registration process to access digital patient services.

The app, which works on both Android and iOS-powered devices, requires patients to register first. Registration should take a couple of seconds and requires the patient’s date of birth and phone number registered with the GP practice.

Another interesting feature is a ‘WhatsApp-like’ practice-patient messaging app, although I’m curious to hear how data flowing through the app will be protected, especially nowadays when healthcare institutions are under a lot of cyber-attacks.

The app’s developers say myGP should ‘transform access’ to primary care, making sure the majority of GP appointments are used effectively.

myGP is also said to securely automate the process of capturing important patient data, such as smoking status, as well as sending out reminders regarding health campaigns; for example, the seasonal flu.

The feedback has been quite nice, it was said, where in some cases there has been a 25 per cent increase in target patients registering for digital services.

“Research from a recent launch with a Kent GP practice found that 27 per cent of patients enrolled on myGP within the first seven days – when this is replicated nationwide, we will be able to save the NHS a considerable amount of money in wasted appointments, but crucially, we are looking forward to supporting a CCG’s digital care plans to help improve patient outcomes,” says Tobias Alpsten, CEO, iPLATO.

Image source: Shutterstock/Kopytin Georgy

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