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Utility UX is horrible, but Chat Bots might be a solution

When it comes to customer service, utility companies and local authority services take the crown as the worst of the worst. However, a solution to their woes is on the horizon, keep reading.

Social media company, myclever Agency, surveyed 1,000 UK adults on whether they're satisfied with the customer service businesses offer, and in most cases, they're not. However, they see Chat Bots as a very good solution to their problems, mostly because being unable to answer simple questions quickly was seen as one of the biggest issues.

The biggest problem was the lack of basic information on everyday commercial websites, such as banks, utilities or local authority service sites (45 per cent). This one was followed closely by the inability to ask simple questions (40 per cent), and when there was an option to ask a simple question, the tools were crude and of poor quality (33 per cent).

More than a third (68 per cent) of those questioned, liked the fact that Chat Bots would be able to provide answers 24 hours a day, and 64 per cent said it would solve the issue of not getting answers fast enough.

“The frustrations clearly indicate the need for online services to improve. And, although frustrations exist in all sectors, it’s interesting to see that the industries exhibiting the most frustrating customer experiences online are the least likely to improve them,” said Rob McNair, managing director of myClever.

"Public sector bodies, for example, are notoriously slow to provide accessible online services – and when they do, they’re often inadequate, confusing and riddled with poor UX.”

The full report can be found on this link.

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