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Acer suffers data breach through online store

Taiwanese hardware and electronics giant Acer has announced that it has suffered a data breach via its e-commerce site, and is preparing to inform those customers affected.

Due to unauthorised access by a third-party, anyone who accessed the online store between 12 May, 2015 and 28 April, 2016 could have had their personal information compromised.

Acer revealed that names, addresses, payment card numbers, card expiration dates and card security codes may have been accessed by the hackers but, following investigations by internal and external professionals, believes login details were not compromised.

Acer has submitted a data breach notice to the California Attorney General’s Office, describing the breach as a "security issue." The notice goes on to say: "Safeguarding your personal information is important to us. We took immediate steps to remediate this security issue upon identifying it, and we are being assisted by outside cybersecurity experts.

"We value the trust you place in us. We regret this incident occurred, and we will be working hard to enhance our security."

It's not exactly surprising to hear about another high-profile breach taking place, following the spate of recent attacks on the likes of GitHub, Canadian media company VerticalScope and Twitter.

Image source: Shutterstock/Anton Watman