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Amazon sets end-of-life date for old version of Cloud Drive

Cloud storage has become a prominent part of everyone's life these days, with services abounding. But what happens when one either goes out of business or sets an end-of-life date for support for one of its apps?

Amazon is encountering that very situation right now, with older versions of its Cloud Drive app. The company is now sending notifications to customers explaining the situation.

The company says, in part: "On August 1, 2016, your Amazon Cloud Drive sync application (version 2.4.2 or earlier) will be deactivated and will no longer work. The Cloud Drive folder on your computer will still be there, but will not sync to your account. This change does not impact your Cloud Drive account or storage. We recommend safely uninstalling the application before this date to avoid interrupting your upload experience".

The company goes on to provide instructions and links for avoiding this problem. You will need to uninstall the version you have and then install the latest build of the app. Barring that, there are third-party solutions that can fix your woes.

There is obviously a timeframe for getting this done, so everyone needs to move reasonably quickly, though there's time left to make it happen.

Image Credit: Chaiyapop Bhumiwat / Shutterstock