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Hyperconverged infrastructure adoption accelerating

The adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure among enterprise and midmarket companies is rapidly accelerating, a new report by SimpliVity says.

The report, entitled 2016 State of Hyperconverged Infrastructure Market Report, is based on a poll of 1,000 IT professionals worldwide, and shines new light on the efforts to virtualise servers, and to adopt hyperconverged infrastructure.

At the heart of this accelerated adoption is cost reduction, being cited by IT experts as the top driver, right next to operational efficiency.

Another important takeaway from the report is the fact that EMEA organizations (Europe, Middle East, Africa) are lagging slightly in virtualizing servers. Still, the adoption jumped from 27 per cent last year, to almost half, 46 per cent, this year. This represents a 70 per cent increase.

As they plan ahead, EMEA companies said improving operational efficiency and improving data backup and recovery are the top priorities, as well as increasing server virtualization.

“Today, hyperconverged infrastructure is beginning to enjoy mainstream adoption and attention. It is consistently being adopted for a wider range of use cases and is gaining serious momentum with enterprise customers,” said Scott Lowe, ActualTech Media. “While in past years, we were predominately seeing hyperconverged infrastructure being attached to more niche use cases like VDI and ROBO, we are now seeing widespread adoption for a more diverse and mission-critical selection of use cases.

The cost and the return on investment, as well as scalability, remain the most important criteria when businesses evaluate hypercoverged solutions, as they look to make the most of their IT investments.