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Leaving the EU would make the UK vulnerable to cyber-attacks

Leaving the EU would make UK security experts' lives much more difficult, a new report by Unified Security Management concludes.

It based its conclusion on the fact that leaving the EU would mean the UK would no longer have access to the threat intelligence EU countries share amongst themselves. On the other hand, its businesses would still have to comply with the rules and regulations set up by the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Basically, the UK would be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Out of the 300 IT security professionals polled during the Infosecurity Europe conference, 72 per cent don’t believe their lives would be any easier leaving the EU. Almost a quarter (22 per cent) actively supports EU legislation, it was said.

Two thirds believe customer data held by their companies would not be affected, if the UK is to leave the EU. A quarter feared corporate data would be less secure, though.

“With the EU referendum just days away, the IT security industry seems to be siding with the ‘remain’ camp,” said Javvad Malik, security advocate at AlienVault.

“Rather than offering an escape from the EU’s red tape, most people believe that they would still have to negotiate their way through complex legislation such as GDPR even if Britain does leave the EU. But what’s more, a significant proportion of those surveyed believe that being part of the EU actually benefits them and their work. This is especially true of the industry’s attitudes towards intelligence sharing between EU states. Cyber attackers pay no attention to geographical boundaries, transcending borders and jurisdictions to maximize malicious effect. The truth is that we can provide a stronger and more robust defense against emerging threats by working together and sharing information.”

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