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Brits would rather have Germany keep their data

As the Brexit referendum draws closer, more research is being made into the effects both outcomes could have on the state of the country's tech industry.

An interesting research has been made into who Brits trust the most with their data and, surprisingly, it's not the UK, but Germany instead.

The results are a part of a larger report released by Blue Coat Systems, into who do Europeans trust with their data on Dropbox, Gmail and the likes. It turns out, they’d rather have fellow EU countries handle their data, than non-EU countries.

Forty per cent of UK workers would trust EU countries to host their data, compared to 22 per cent of those outside the EU. Heck, even the UK scored less – 38 per cent.

Of all the EU countries that were asked in the survey (UK, Germany, France), Germany scored the highest (26 per cent), followed by France (21 per cent) and the UK (20 per cent). Nobody (six per cent) likes Spain, it was also said.

“The EU regulatory landscape is set to radically change with the introduction of the GDPR legislation and this research highlights the level of distrust in countries outside the EU,” said Robert Arandjelovic, director of product marketing EMEA at Blue Coat Systems.

“Respondents prefer to keep their data within the EU, supporting new European data protection legislation. More concerning is the fact that almost half of respondents would trust any country to store their data, indicating too many employees simply don’t pay enough attention to where their work data is held. This presents a risk to enterprises, even if their employees treat where it is being hosted with little interest.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Den Rise

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