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Salaries for big data positions jumped 8 per cent this year

If you were thinking about switching careers in order to start earning bigger money, you might want to consider a career in big data management. Reports started coming in that salaries for this position jumped eight per cent this year, more than what the Bank of England forecast (three per cent).

Professional IT resourcing firm Experis also says that 5,148 advertised jobs in Q1 were in the big data segment, with 87 per cent being in London. Other tech cities are closing the gap though, with Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham being notable examples.

But it's not just about the potential big data brings to the bottom line, it's also the fear of fines, as the GDPR looms large. Businesses are looking to draw the best talent in-house in order to comply with the upcoming regulation.

“Big data will continue to be a major driver of growth in the UK economy as the digital revolution accelerates,” says Geoff Smith, Managing Director at Experis.

“Yet, many companies have been slow to react and there’s a limited talent pool to choose from. Employers are willing to pay highly competitive salaries to attract these experts, so they can help with compliance, uncover valuable customer insights that can transform their business, and innovate for the future.”

“The tech hubs outside of the Capital are growing quickly. We’re seeing these challenger cities become more and more attractive, as housing, travel and lifestyle costs continue to soar in London and people grow tired of the rat race lifestyle. As such, the likes of Manchester and Leeds, which can offer a better quality of life, are becoming more popular.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Carlos Amarillo