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Tech sector not fond of the Brexit idea

The tech industry is not really hyped about the UK's potential abandoning of the European Union, according to new reports by market analysts.

Juniper Research just released a new report (opens in new tab) which says that almost two thirds (65 per cent) of UK's tech employees believe Brexit would not have a positive effect on the global tech industry.

There are multiple reasons why a positive outcome of Brexit would have a negative impact on the tech world, with two standing out. According to the surveyed, the UK would have a harder time attracting and recruiting talent from the European Union (70 per cent).

More than two-thirds said the UK's tech sector, with London in particular, would get reduced funding from the EU, thus being less attractive as a tech hub.

But there is this 'significant minority' – 35 per cent of respondents, who believe the UK would actually benefit from Brexit. Within this group, a notion of pointlessness is strong, where people believe technology cannot really be affected by borders and politics.

Eighty per cent also cited 'less EU red tape' as a benefit.

Immigration is a bigger issue (38 per cent), than the economy (28 per cent), it was said.

“Vote Leave have focused effectively on the emotive issue of immigration,” said Dr Windsor Holden, Head of Forecasting & Consultancy at Juniper Research.

“The combination of financial and economic issues which concern those wary of Brexit cannot as easily be encapsulated and communicated and therefore present a real challenge to those seeking to engage with the public.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Lucian Milasan

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