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Companies struggle to manage edge IT

Remote, or branched offices (ROBO) are extremely expensive and risky, a new report by Riverbed Technology suggests. Key challenges IT professionals face when handling ROBOs include disaster recovery (54 per cent), high cost of providing ROBO IT (46 per cent), and providing adequate IT staff to support ROBOs (46 per cent).

The results are based on a poll of 183 IT professionals, attendees of the EMC World 2016 conference. When asked about the financial impacts of individual challenges linked to managing ROBOS, these three scored as ‘extremely to somewhat large’ financial impact:

  • Delays in provisioning infrastructure, apps and new services to a ROBO (45 per cent)
  • Delays in recovering from ROBO outages (44 per cent)
  • IT staff time taken to manage ROBO backups (39 per cent).

For the respondents, having an alternative when storing data generated at remote offices would be great. Locally storing files increases the chance of data theft, disasters, or human error. Three quarters (75 per cent) of respondents said it would be ‘somewhat to extremely desirable’ to store such data in a cloud.

“The new Riverbed survey shows that companies are really struggling to effectively and efficiently manage their IT operations at the edge,” said Joe Bombagi, Director, SteelFusion, EMEA & APJ at Riverbed.

“As companies continue to move more of their operations to remote locations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage their backup and recovery processes and provide adequate IT staff onsite at each individual location. Riverbed’s SteelFusion is re-defining remote and branch office IT by allowing businesses to centralize ROBO IT operations and data in the data center (and/or the cloud), without any negative impact on remote office application performance, therefore simplifying IT management at remote locations while reducing overall costs.”

Image Credit: Maradon 333 / Shutterstock