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Q&A: The biggest trends in tech today

US based blogger and self-proclaimed tech evangelist Robert Scoble recently spoke as the top keynote speaker at SAScon, the UK’s largest search, analytics and social media conference.

Recently named by The Financial Times as one of the five most influential Twitter users, he hosted a talk called ‘Beyond Mobile: the move into spatial computing’, which took an in-depth look at the changing way in which consumers buy, interact and engage with businesses. He also explored a number of companies that set up the move into the next stage of computing and what it means for businesses.

What were the key takeaway points from your keynote presentation?

That we are entering the fourth user interface. One where we see virtual items laid on top of the real world. One where we control these images with our hands and eyes. One where radical changes in our expectations of computing are coming. Self-driving cars, drones, robots, and mixed-reality glasses share in this new computing’s base technologies.

How do you expect consumer behaviour to change in the next few years?

We’ll expect a much better experience. One driven by the immersion of virtual reality, the data details from the contextual computing systems that are now being built, and one where the world will not just predict what we’ll need next, but will assist us in getting there.

What are the big trends in tech today?

IoT, AI, new vision-based systems, robots, drones, self driving cars, bots, virtual Reality, fast delivery systems. These are all moving fast and are the most exciting areas in tech today.

What trends are companies overlooking?

I don’t think companies are preparing properly for the coming data-run world. For example, taxis continue to not respond to the changes brought by Uber and Lyft.

What emerging tech should brands be taking advantage of in the next few years and why?

Virtual Reality. Absolute Vodka told me their efforts here ended up with an average time spent of 19 minutes with their brand, which they said was incredible.

In your opinion, what has been the biggest industry change in the last year?

The stunning move toward huge data-run systems like Looker.

What is the next big thing in technology for 2016?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, but really there’s something deeper underway that I call Spatial Computing, which I covered in my speech.

What is the next big thing in digital marketing for 2016?

The ability for employees to ask any business question and get an answer. See for how Uber, Snapchat, and Twilio are running themselves.

The hot thing, though, is bots. Why? Because soon your customers will be able to ask your bots questions and get instant answers without having humans involved. The expectations are changing, will you be ready?

What’s your best piece of advice for IT and digital marketing professionals?

Look for ways to remain relevant in a world where data is going to drive every decision.

Image source: Shutterstock/Shutter_M

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