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Crucial unveils new NVDIMM server memory module

There's a new type of server memory which might speed up backup restore and recovery, as well as help with salvaging any data left unsaved during a power outage, it was announced recently.

Memory and storage upgrade company Crucial announced its Nonvolatile DIMM (NVDIMM) server memory. The company said this type of memory would be a better choice for servers because it offers better read / write speeds than HDD or SSD disks, allowing for speedy backups and recoveries.

“NVDIMM is a persistent memory solution for companies who have valuable data they need to protect in case of a power outage,” said Michael Moreland, worldwide product manager at Crucial. “Combining DRAM and NAND, Crucial NVDIMMs safeguard data during power loss, remove I/O bottlenecks that hold servers back, and increase the performance of server applications.”

The new product is available globally, through select partners, it was said. It's all backed by a limited lifetime warrany, and more details can be found here.

NVDIMM was first unveiled by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, back in March this year. It combines features of a standard DRAM, with an SSD disk. In case a power outage happens, all DRAM data gets backed up to NAND, as it has its own backup power solution, known as the ultracapacitator.

Once the power is restored to the system, the data residing within NAND gets restored into the DIMM.

Usually, NVDIMM performs just as RDIMM, and servers will recognize it as such. Critical data gets written at speeds of 2133 MT/s.

Sead Fadilpašić

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