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Brexit stopped UK's digital strategy

The UK's digital strategy has ground to a halt, following last week's Brexit referendum, and it seems as nobody really knows what to do now. According to sources which have spoken to The Register, there are two possible scenarios:

Either the government untangles the ‘spaghetti’ of UK’s and EU’s rules and regulations regarding the digital strategy, or we reboot the whole thing.

The matters could be further complicated if Scotland and Northern Ireland, which predominantly voted Remain, decide to leave the UK.

"Given the extent of change that's going to be needed it's probably easier to do that than to try to pick apart and rebuild the spaghetti of systems in place ... although doubtless the system integrators would prefer the latter,” said The Register’s source.

"I suspect they'll have to fire up work to sort this out now – once the formal Article 50 starts that's a two-year time limit. But it usually takes a Whitehall department two years to produce the PowerPoint decks setting out its options, let alone delivering any changes to systems."

The strategy was supposed to be a ‘mixed bag’ of policies from the Department for Culture, Media & Sport, the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the Cabinet Office's Government Digital Service.

Last week, the United Kingdom held a referendum over staying in, or abandoning the European Union. A tight majority (52 per cent) voted Leave, a shock which sent the British pound tumbling down. Prime minister David Cameron resigned, and more than three million people signed a petition to start a new referendum.

Scotland, which overwhelmingly voted for Remain, could block Brexit results.

Image Credit: JMiks / Shutterstock