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HPE whitepaper: Datacentre challenges and hyperconverged infrastructure sentiment

The datacentre is the hub for nearly every piece of technology in an organisation. Databases reside there, networks teminate there, storage spins away.

Over the years, IT staff have continued to add resources and services to this business-critical location. At first, such additions weren't that problematic; IT staff could assimilate some new technology. Over time, though, additions have become more complex and, in some cases, more expensive. Let's look at some facts from our survey.

In its current form, the datacentre environment isn't easy to manage, at least according to 28 per cent of survey respondents who disagreed with the statement "the existing datacentre environment is easy to manage and does not require subject-matter (resource-specific) experts for each resource. 44 per cent were neutral on this same statement, while 28 per cent agree with the statement.

Download this whitepaper to find out more about the datacentre challenges associated with hyperconverged infrastructure.

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