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HPE whitepaper: Hyperconverged Datacentre Infrastructure for the 3rd Platform

The global infrastructure market is in the midst of historic change. Companies born on the 3rd Platform have ignited demand for scale-out, software-defined infrastructure designed for hyperscale datacentres that have a limited mix of workloads and little need for traditional enterprise features.

Meanwhile, established enterprises around the world are turning to integrated infrastructure to improve long-standing datacentre metrics such as utilisation rates, time to deployment, operational costs, and levels of risk. These two buying groups represent two fundamentally different approaches to infrastructure deployment that are driving distinct pockets of investment.

This Market Spotlight examines how hyperconverged systems are bridging the gap between feature-rich traditional integrated infrastructure used by enterprises and scale-out infrastructure found within 3rd Platform, hyperscale datacentres. The paper also offers guidance for buyers of hyperconverged systems.

Download this whitepaper to find out more about hyperconverged datacentre infrastructure for the 3rd Platform.

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