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Businesses failing to appreciate emerging data protection threats

New research released today by EMC (opens in new tab) has revealed the extent of the economic impact of data breaches and that businesses are failing to appreciate the growing challenges of data protection.

The EMC Global Data Protection Index 2016 found that businesses are unprepared for the raft of new and emerging threats to data loss, with the amount of organisations experiencing data loss or disruption in the last 12 months up 13 per cent compared to 2014, costing them an average of $914,000.

The study identified three major challenges to modern data protection:

1) Threats to backup data

23 per cent of businesses surveyed had experienced data loss or unplanned system disruption due to an external security breach, rising to 36 per cent when internal breaches were taken into account.

Businesses are increasingly facing threats to their backup data as well as their primary data, meaning solutions need to be found that put their ‘data of last resort’ beyond the reach of cyber criminals.

2) Threats to data in the cloud

More than 80 per cent of respondents indicated that their organisations will run at least part of eight key business applications in the public cloud over the next two years, yet less than half said they protect cloud data against corruption and deletion.

More than half said they already run their email solution in the public cloud and, on average, respondents already had 30 per cent of their IT environments based in the public cloud.

Because SaaS application providers often won’t protect against accidental loss or deletion by an employee, EMC believes it is critical for organisations to include cloud applications in their overall data protection strategies.

3) Evolving protection needs

Backup and recovery appears to be a major issue, as more than 70 per cent of organisations surveyed were not confident in their ability to recover systems or data in the event of data loss or unexpected downtime.

Confidence also suffered when it came to data centre performance, with 73 per cent declaring they were not very confident that their solutions would be able to keep pace with the faster performance and new capabilities of flash storage.

David Goulden, Chief Executive Officer of EMC Information Infrastructure, commented: "Our customers are facing a rapidly evolving data protection landscape on a number of fronts, whether it’s to protect modern cloud computing environments or to shield against devastating cyber attacks. Our research shows that many businesses are unaware of the potential impact and are failing to plan for them, which is a threat in itself.

"As a leader in data protection and cloud computing, EMC continues to innovate to stay ahead of both existing and new challenges by providing modern cloud-centric data protection solutions."

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