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SMBs losing out by not implementing 10Gb broadband, says NETGEAR

Networking company NETGEAR believes more small and medium-sized businesses should adopt high-speed broadband internet, and those that don't risk being left behind.

According to the company, 75 per cent of SMBs don't have the required technology, and 72 per cent don't think they need 10 Gigabit speeds, at all. NETGEAR begs to differ.

Currently, only 33 per cent have a proportion of the technology set up (greater than 30 per cent penetration). Still, 10 Gigabit speeds are set to gradually increase over the course of the next 18 months.

“Our research highlighted that the number one reason why SMBs are deploying 10 Gigabit, is to address bottleneck performance issues. Such challenges are only going to increase in prevalence and underpin why 10 Gigabit is appearing more and more on the radar,” said Tris Simmons, Director, Global Product Marketing, NETGEAR.

“10 Gigabit Ethernet Fibre switching has been around since 2002, but it’s only been in the last three years that adoption has really started to take off with more affordable 10 Gigabit copper switching. Without doubt, copper has brought wider switch management choice for SMB networks to cope with the increasing pressures and to appeal to growing expectations.”

Among the key issues a 10 Gigabit connection can solve are network performance issues when expanding premises, increasing video or broadcast streaming, as well as decreasing bottlenecks.

“Businesses of all sizes need the flexibility which 10 Gigabit solutions offer, as the demand for bandwidth continues to grow,” the company said in a press release.

“Whether ensuring business continuity, adopting server and storage virtualisation or managing growing data footprints, customers demand immediacy and agility.”

Image Credit: Kirill Makarov / Shutterstock

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