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IT professionals spend a lot of time ignoring security alerts

Alert fatigue, lack of relevant skills and complexities at endpoint agent deployment are the most common headaches business have when adopting cloud solutions, it was said.

A new report by Skyhigh Networks, together with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), polled 220 IT and IT security professionals across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), APAC (Asia-Pacific), and the Americas.

Alert fatigue seems to be a real thing – 20 per cent of companies have more than ten security tools generating alerts, while almost a third (30.1 per cent) sometimes ignore them because of false positives and their general frequency.

“Alert fatigue is becoming a serious issue with 30 per cent of organisations regularly ignoring them due to the frequency of false positives,” says Nigel Hawthorn, chief European spokesperson at Skyhigh. “Target is repeatedly referred to as an example of what can happen if cyber alerts aren’t properly investigated, but its decision to not examine its red flags resulted in huge damage to its reputation and bottom line.”

The polled professionals also overwhelmingly said (80.4 per cent) that incident response will be the most important new skill in the next five years.

While in almost all cases (94.3 per cent), experts expect their IT budgets to stay the same, the use of endpoint agents is set to increase.

Almost two thirds (62.1 per cent) are worried about public cloud platforms, and almost half (40.5 believe they are unusable). More than a third (37.9 per cent) see the inability to store data in their own country due to compliance issues as a problem.

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