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Leaky Euro 2016 app putting business data at risk

I've been trying not to think about Euro 2016 after England's whimpering exit on Monday night, but new research from mobile security and management firm Wandera has grabbed my attention.

According to analysis of data traffic patterns from enterprise mobile devices, the official UEFA Euro 2016 Fan Guide App is leaking user's personal information - including usernames, passwords, addresses and phone numbers - over insecure internet connections.

This means the app, which has been downloaded over 100,000 times, could provide an access point for hackers to access, and potentially steal, valuable user data. And, with modern employees frequently using the same devices for work and personal use, business-critical data is potentially being put at risk.

The number of devices accessing malicious websites - most likely through mobile ads - is also a worry. Since the tournament started, Wandera has discovered 72 per cent of recognised malicious websites and 41 per cent of exposed passwords were detected on smartphones in France.

“Increased data usage during the beginning of Euro 2016 will come as no surprise to anyone,” said Eldar Tuvey, CEO of Wandera. “What is clear however, is that football fans are travelling across Europe, accessing apps and websites that are unfamiliar to them to access the up-to-date information they crave.

"Our analysis proves that even so-called ‘trusted sources’ carry risk and vulnerability – something that enterprises must be equipped to deal with.”

Both employees and businesses need to make sure they are aware of the security risks associated with mobile devices, otherwise a trip to France (opens in new tab) to watch the football could end up being more costly than ever.

More Wandera analysis of Euro 2016’s impact on mobile security and usage can be found here (opens in new tab).

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