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Security must be the starting point, not an afterthought

The current threat landscape means that security can no longer be an afterthought for businesses, so needs to be baked into every part of an organisation from the start rather than added in after.

That’s the view of global technology provider Thales, which earlier this month announced the launch of a new cyber and consulting organisation in the UK to help businesses address the key issues in digital transformation and cyber security.

At the launch event – held at the Williams F1 HQ in Oxfordshire - Thales UK CEO Victor Chavez spoke about the need for security to be “engineered into the systems that you use every day” and the “common challenge” that is now facing organisations in all industries due to the rapid development of cyber threats and cyber criminals.

Present were representatives from the Ministry of Defence, GCHQ, transport and energy sectors, which Victor said provides “a real indication of the breadth of the cyber security threat that we all face” and highlighted how “this diversity of threat creates huge challenges.”

The sentiment was reinforced by Gary Miller, managing director of Thales cyber and consulting services, who said: “Digital technology is transforming the way we live our lives, do business and share information. This new online environment brings with it unprecedented opportunity alongside increased risk for both public and private sector organisations”.

Gary also spoke about the human element of security and how it needs to be instilled into every company’s DNA as much as the technology. “We believe there is a cultural issue affecting cyber security more than a technology issue,” he said. “The thing that comes through loud and clear is that the human aspect and the business aspect are at the heart of most cyber attacks. We need to address the business culture and in particular, look at the insider threat. We are only as strong as the weakest link.”

Thales’ new cyber and consulting offering provides cyber security, digital transformation and engineering consultancy for organisations in complex and highly regulated environments, with the aim of mitigating the cyber-risks associated with incorporating modern technologies.

It is also hoping to address the current skills gap by developing a Consulting Academy for engineers and fostering the development of particular skillsets amongst graduates.

Image source: Shutterstock/Titima Ongkantong