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Consumers use various devices for a single purchase

Even though mobile doesn't seem to be all that popular of a platform to make purchases, it seems to be a great platform to do your due diligence before buying something on another device.

Those are the conclusions of Tradedoubler, as it looks into purchasing habits in Europe.

More than half (55 per cent) of consumers do their research on a smartphone, while half will later move onto a laptop or a desktop computer to make a purchase. When they're in a store, 54 per cent will research a product they're interested in on their smartphone.

The report also has an interesting point – 25 per cent of EU consumers have made a purchase through their mobile phone – while in store.

This has prompted Tradedoubler to a conclusion – cookies are no longer an effective way of tracking people, as they use multiple devices for a single action. For that reason, the company developed Cross Device Tracking, which can track consumer shopping behaviour on multiple platforms.

More tracking, yay!

“Cross-device tracking is essential technology for any customer-centric marketer who wants to accurately track consumer purchase behaviour, and correctly assign sales to the devices and channels on which they converted,” Dan Cohen, Regional Director at Tradedoubler said.

“We have developed a solution based on deterministic matching, rather than probabilistic matching (which has accuracy rates as low as 60%), because we recognise the importance of accuracy and transparency in the digital marketing sector. Our Cross Device Tracking solution prevents our clients paying for false sales, that often occur when using probabilistic cross-device solutions. With more accurate tracking we can work with our clients to further optimise their digital marketing budgets and improve the customer experience.”

Image Credit: Slavoljub Pantelic / Shutterstock