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People already trust chatbots more than humans - sometimes

Chatbots are a fairly new technology, but they're already on a very good voice. According to a new report by Mindshare UK, people often trust them with sensitive information they'd usually not disclose to other humans.

The report, entitled HUMANITY IN THE MACHINE, was written by Mindshare UK, in collaboration with Goldsmiths, University of London. It was based on a couple of different resources, including a poll of 1,000 UK consumers, focus groups with businesses and consumers aged 18 – 35, ethnographic observations of people using chatbots, and secondary research.

But the goal of the report is not to see how people feel about chatbots, even though that was the most interesting finding from our perspective. The report was made to actually help businesses deliver a positive, human experience, when using chatbots to interact with their customers.

The results were summarised into five key principles brands should keep an eye out for, when building their own AI chat experience. These principles are:

  • Define the role of your AI chatbot
  • Focus on establishing trust
  • Align tone of voice with category and brand
  • Make people feel human
  • Build for continuous improvements

“Chatbots have emerged as a new way for brands to engage with customers and we wanted to explore attitudes towards this new technology. Surprisingly consumers are very receptive to AI chat technology, and even trust it over human interaction in certain scenarios. This presents a huge opportunity for brands,” said Jeremy Pounder, Futures Director, Mindshare.

“In order to maintain this positive perception, brands must strike the right balance between the “human” and “machine” experience. Those that do, will be in a position to redefine the consumer experience, not only maintaining consumer trust but driving repeat custom and brand advocacy.”

Image Credit: Palto / Shutterstock