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Cyber-security is a problem, extra training the solution

The ever-increasing threat of cyber-attacks against businesses is leaving many vulnerable, as they are simply not reacting fast enough, according to new research.

Spiceworks has surveyed IT pros if their companies are prepared for a cyber-attack, and the results show, as Spiceworks puts it, 'cause for concern'.

Less than a third (29 per cent) of IT pros polled said they had a cyber-security expert on board. Seven per cent have an expert, albeit in another department. In order to fill the gaps, 23 per cent said they hire outisde experts for help.

More than half (55 per cent) don't have regular access to IT security experts at all, and more than two thirds (67 per cent) have zero security certifications.

But the top-level management understands how important the issue is. In almost three quarters (73 per cent) of cases, cyber-security was mentioned as a priority among CIOs and IT leaders.

CTOs (56 per cent) and CEOs (54 per cent) were not that far behind, either.

IT pros are fairly confident they could tackle cyber-security issues on endpoint devices like desktops and servers, but it's the cloud, IoT and smartphones where the real headaches start.

Spiceworks concludes the report by saying that more can be done to protect a company, mostly in terms of IT training.

“We know that IT pros themselves value and desire additional training, especially when it comes to security, but many don't have the financial backing of their companies to obtain it. In that sense a gap definitely exists.”

“That said, interest in cyber-security continues to rise and as the general public and business leaders become more aware of the importance of IT security, hopefully organizations will start placing more importance in and allocating more funds for cyber-security training.”

Image Credit: Ninescene / Shutterstock