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Complications in the cloud: 2016's biggest issues

Cloud computing is beneficial to companies of every size. It provides an opportunity for companies to control distribution of documents, offers the flexibility to work from any location and increases collaboration among colleagues.

Implementing cloud computing offers many perks, but implementation is not without its downside. Here is a list of the biggest issues and security threats that are potential challenges to cloud usage.

Financial Information

Money, budget

Data breaches of customers' financial information are becoming more and more frequent. Obtaining credit card and checking account information about groups of customers is a computer hacker's dream. If sensitive financial information gets into the hands of the wrong people, financial lives could be destroyed.

Hacked Accounts
Accounts can be hijacked. As the CEO of Facebook, one would think that Mark Zuckerberg is immune from having his accounts hijacked. However, that is not the case, because his social media accounts were hijacked recently. When accounts are hijacked, the hackers can have access to important credentials. They can also change important data and misrepresent the person whose data was hijacked.

Data Danger
Malicious insiders can steal, destroy and manipulate data. Whether it is for revenge or theft, there are plenty of motives that would cause an employee, contractor or system administrator to compromise information that is stored in the cloud.

The threat of the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) parasite can compromise your company's data in the cloud. APT parasites are often difficult to detect because they blend in with other data over a long period of time. When these data parasites are present, they extract important information from a site. APT parasites can enter into your company's cloud computing system through malware, third-party networks and phishing.

Compromised cloud computing can result in permanent data loss. This is the most extreme threat with cloud computing. Although incidences of permanent data loss are rare, companies must be careful.

Medical Matters

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Healthcare data breaches are possible for organisations that use cloud computing. In 2015, one of the largest data breaches occurred with The Department of Health and Human Services. This breach compromised over one million patients' records. A health informatics expert who earned their health information management certification online says this is why the healthcare industry needs to be especially careful about their data security. Patient privacy and doctor-patient confidentiality depend on it.

Business Breaches
Company interfaces and APIs can be hacked. Interfaces and APIs are important parts of managing, orchestrating and monitoring cloud services. When these components are weak, companies can experience security issues.
Cloud computing is an integral part of information technology for millions of individuals and companies. Companies need to be aware of cloud's biggest security threats in order to prevent them.

Emma Sturgis