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Legacy monitoring tools 'aren't cutting it' report says

Legacy monitoring tools are simply not cutting it any more, SevOne says. The digital infrastructure management solutions provider released a new report detailing the problems enterprises with legacy tools are facing.

The report, entitled “State of Legacy Tools”, says 84 per cent (out of 322 surveyed) of enterprises are monitoring their infrastructure, but just 11 per cent are satisfied with the capabilities and the return on investment on their current platforms.

“It’s clear that legacy monitoring tools aren’t cutting it,” SevOne says. “And, in a world where “slow is the new down,” companies need to take an aggressive approach to managing their digital infrastructure in order to deliver seamless digital experiences.”

The report also said that just 14 per cent of enterprises surveyed said they were satisfied with their monitoring tools’ scalability.

Network gear (85 per cent) is what companies monitor the most, followed by servers and data centres (81 per cent) and enterprise applications (63 per cent).

A vast majority (84 per cent) of respondents don’t completely trust the performance data they collect, and almost half (45 per cent) don’t think their tools are completely supportive of their companies’ current strategies.

Slow troubleshooting (52 per cent) and the lack of end-to-end visibility (48 per cent) are the top two problems enterprises have with legacy monitoring systems, the report concluded.

“How organizations handle their digital transformation will be the difference between those who accelerate into the future and those who are left behind,” SevOne adds.

Image source: Shutterstock/ra2studio