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Microsoft resorts to full-screen pop ups as Windows 10 free upgrade nears end

With less than a month left to obtain an upgrade to Windows 10 for free, Microsoft is going all in by alerting users that have yet to upgrade with full-screen pop up alerts that bare a slight resemblance to the notorious blue screen of death.

The company has faced a great deal of criticism in regard to how it has pushed the newest version of its Windows operating system onto users who are perfectly content using Windows 7 or even Windows XP. Microsoft has used repeated alerts along with automatically installed updates, since Windows 10 is considered a critical security update by the company, to ensure that a majority of its users take advantage of its free upgrade offer.

On 29 July, Windows users who wish to upgrade to Windows 10 will have to buy a retail version as the ability to upgrade for free will no longer be available. With time running out to attract more users to the latest version of its OS, Microsoft is now 'encouraging' users to upgrade with a full-screen pop up that reads: “Sorry to interrupt, but this is important. Windows 10 free upgrade offer ends July 29.”

Two buttons are displayed at the bottom right of these alerts: “Upgrade now” and “Remind me later.” Users who do not wish to upgrade need to click “Do not notify me again” which is tucked away at the bottom-left corner of the page.

Microsoft's last ditch pop up tactic is a chance for the company to further push the adoption of Windows 10 which has already been installed on over 300 million computers.

However according to Netmarketshare, 49.1 per cent of Windows users are still running Windows 7 and 9.8 per cent have decided to stick with Windows XP.

Image Credit: Anton Watman / Shutterstock

Anthony Spadafora
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