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UK smartphone owners not troubled by cyber-attacks

People in the UK still see their smartphone as just a phone, and not as a tiny supercomputer, and they are not really that worried that cyber-criminals might be targeting the powerful pocketed machines.

Those are the results of a new survey by 360 Security, which says that 81 per cent of UK’s consumers don’t consider mobile phones as a target for cyber-criminals.

Consequently, they’re not aware of the types of attack they might be vulnerable to.

The majority of the people polled (61 per cent) are worried about theft and data loss. Just nine per cent worry about cyber-attacks, while 28 per cent said they have no concerns whatsoever.

Those who generally understand the risks of cyber-attacks, usually have an anti-virus set up on their desktop PC (92 per cent), but less than half (43 per cent) have done the same about their smartphone.

Almost three quarters (73 per cent) believe hackers would target their computers first, while 19 cent see the smartphone as a target.

“Consumers are now pretty savvy about computer security, but what we tend to forget is that our phones are mini computers and contain access to personal and financial information which can be very valuable to a criminal”, said Jean-Baptiste Carpentier, security specialist at 360 Security.”

“The truth is, smartphones are at greater risk from cyber-attack as they are used more frequently and widely than laptops and desktop computers, they connect with unsecure Wi-Fi and are often unprotected. Criminals will exploit this lack of awareness and security”, he continued.

360 Security says ransomware is the fastest growing threat to mobile phones. Yet, just six per cent of those surveyed said they feared this type of malware.

Image Credit: Nito / Shuttersotck

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