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Video collaboration tools boost productivity

Video collaboration increases productivity and improves both business and personal relationships, according to a video conferencing technology company, Lifesize.

The company polled its users and says that 99.2 of respondents said video conferencing boosts relationshisp both in and out of office. No word on how many people were polled, though.

It was also said that 91.7 per cent of respondents said it was easier to get their point across when being able to see the other person on video, and 77.7 per cent said their productivity jumped, and their work-life balance improved.

“Frost & Sullivan research findings are in line with the Lifesize survey results. The inherent benefits of video conferencing, continuous enhancements to the user experience and a multitude of other factors will continue to drive growth for visual collaboration solutions,” explains Rob Arnold, Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan.

The report points out what we know all too well – that non-verbal communication is crucial to being able to properly get a message across. Eliminate these details, and you risk your message being perceived completely wrong.

“The latest Frost & Sullivan research finds that the cloud-based video conferencing services market is expecting a compound annual growth rate of 20.7 per cent. Companies now understand that it helps employees be more productive and focused in the business environment,” said Craig Malloy, Lifesize CEO.

“A majority of survey respondents report that video conferencing reduces the time needed to complete a project and that it decreases the likelihood of multitasking. Lifesize’s cloud-based video conferencing and all-in-one collaboration tool helps its more than 3,000 customers to thrive and be successful – both in and out of the meeting room.”

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