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Latest tech far from implementation in many industries

Two thirds of IT decision makers in a couple of big industries don't believe key new technology trends will be available in their industry in the next 12 months, new research suggests.

Capita has released the information as part of an announcement of its upcoming Trends vs Technologies research report. In it, it polled IT decision makers from insurance, finance, legal services and manufacturing industries, on the adoption of nine 'key' trends.

These trends are: big data, digital workplace, artificial intelligence, internet of things, wearable tech, robotics, cloud based solutions, 3D printers and virtual reality.

While many decision makers describe a lot of these trends as relevant to their industry, there are many barriers stopping them from implementation. Cost, cack of perceived business case and data governance are just some of the barriers mentioned.

“We are already starting to see some of these key trends, in particular wearables, virtual reality, and the Internet of Things, really take off in the consumer world,” says Adam Jarvis, managing director, Capita Technology Solutions.

“History shows us that technology adopted within the consumer world will soon find its way into the business world, and those the spot the opportunity quickly will often find they have a competitive advantage. And yet these findings suggest that financial services, legal, insurance and manufacturing industries assume that these trends are only relevant to the consumer world, without spotting the potential they offer within the business environment.”

A third of decision makers believe cloud-based solutions will be ready for implementation within the next 12 months, almost 90 per cent think IoT is more than 12 months away, and 19 per cent believe 3D printing will never be ready for use. Fifteen per cent believe the same for AI and virtual reality.

Image source: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens