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New business battlefield: the customer experience

Customer experience is the new frontier, with the majority of businesses competing in the field, a new report by research and advisory services firm, Ventana Research says.

More than three quarters (82 per cent), it was said, are using it as a motivator to boost customer service levels.

This is mostly being done by introducing new channels to customers, the report concludes, even though it was said that in the last four years, the average number of channels used by organisations only increased by one. More focus is placed on digital channels, though.

Inbound and outbound calls, as well as email, are still being perceived as the top three channels, but digital interactions expect the biggest growth.

Customer satisfaction is still being used as the number one KPI (key performance indicator), although average length of calls, number of calls handled and speed of answer, are the next three most commonly used KPIs.

“In interacting with customers on the ground, we are seeing a switch away from cost-based measurements like average handle time towards a stronger focus on the quality of the interaction and overall customer satisfaction, but these results indicate there is more work to be done in terms of educating businesses and delivering the right technology to support that,” says Jeremy Payne, International VP Marketing, Enghouse Interactive. “We agree with Ventana Research’s view that “every company needs to track efficiency… but doing it at the expense of more customer-oriented metrics can undermine the goal of better customer service."

Image source: Shutterstock/Imagentle