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Businesses seriously lacking confidence in ability to adapt to change

The information age means that things change fast and the ability to make quick decisions is an important factor of business success.

But a new survey of over 1200 project management executives by Changepoint finds that just 10 per cent of organisations are confident that they can quickly adapt to change, with 36 per cent responding that they can't.

Communication is a key factor with 31 per cent of respondents saying that they don’t currently have the necessary tools for managing better communication across teams and projects. There also seems to be a disconnect between project managers and executives, with more than half (53 per cent) acknowledging they are unsure of their corporate objectives and values.

The report also highlights the problem of fragmented systems which make it difficult for teams to collaborate. Respondents say multiple, disconnected systems are standing in the way of business agility, resulting in a lack of real-time transparency into projects (41 per cent), resources (49 per cent), and an over reliance on manual reporting such as spreadsheets (75 per cent).

The report's authors note that, "For the project-driven organisation, business success hinges on having technology, infrastructure, and processes in place to adapt and pivot in a dynamic business environment. Disconnected systems, manual processes, and ineffective communication damage the credibility of a PMO and create barriers to business transformation. Without the right tools and processes in place, adapting to change is diffcult - if not impossible".

More information on the results is available in a whitepaper which can be downloaded from the Changepoint website.

Phiti Credit: phloxii/Shutterstock