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Disrupt, or be disrupted - new report says

If you want your business to survive, you need to make waves. Basically that's what the latest “Business Agility: Is it Easy to Pivot?” report by Changepoint is saying.

It's business Darwinism at its finest – adapt or perish. Disrupt, or be disrupted. This kind of agility is nowadays considered ‘critical’ for any enterprise, yet businesses all over the world don’t have the systems in place to adapt to these radical, yet everyday changes.

In the report, it says that only 10 per cent of C-level executives are confident in their ability in pivoting their businesses if need be.

“The hard truth is, at any moment, your business is most likely disrupting or being disrupted,” said Alan Shefveland, Director, Product Management, Strategy and Innovation at Changepoint. “The best way to thrive in the face of rapid change is rewriting your playbook to refocus on accelerating internal operations.”

Other findings in the report say multiple, disconnected systems are in the way of business agility, as well as that the lack of effective communication tools makes managing projects very difficult. Also, managing workloads and schedules is a continued hurdle to agility.

“To prepare for organizational change, project and business leaders must be on the same path forward. This demands confident decision making and prioritizing company initiatives,” said Shefveland. “A connected PPM system provides real-time insight and enables cross-functional communication, both important first steps to weathering organizational change.”

Research was conducted by Changepoint, and includes a poll of 1,257 project managers and executives from medium to enterprise-sized organisations from various verticals.

Image source: Shutterstock/iQoncept