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Mozilla is building a 'better forward button'

Mozilla has announced the creation of a new content recommendation system, which hopes will help people find better and more relevant content, easier.

The new product is called Content Graph, and the company's VP of Products, Nick Nguyen, describes it as a 'better forward button'.

"The largest button on a modern browser is the back button. Trips to the web are short. Enter a search, get a result, click back, then try again,” he writes in a Medium blog post. “This feels backwards (forgive the pun!). What if there was a better forward button?”

He goes on explaining how the system will work by giving an example. Say, you wanted to learn how to repair your bicycle. By recommending the same pages as other people who have done the same thing visited, Mozilla thinks you’ll be able to do just that.

It also said that social networks and contacts you have there won’t play a big role in content discovery.

“This should work regardless of whom you’re connected to, because your social network shouldn’t be a prerequisite for getting the most from the web.”

The first feature, currently available in Test Pilot, is called Activity Stream. It should help you ‘discover places on the web you’ve never seen’.

Mozilla is currently developing the system for both desktop and mobile platforms, and added that user control will not be sacrificed.