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New malware takes full control of an Apple system

There's a new malware cruising around the internet, which allows the attacker full control of an infected Apple system. The malware, dubbed Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor, was first discovered by security researchers from Bitdefender.

The malware poses as a drag 'n' drop file type converter named The EasyDoc, and Bitdefender says it was found on 'reputable sites offering Mac applications and software'.

But the EasyDoc serves no other function than to serve malware. It installs and registers Tor Hidden Service and Web Service (PHP) to system start-up, allowing attackers to anonimously access the control-and-command center remotely.

That basically gives the attacker full control over the system.

Besides having full control, it can also capture images and videos from built-in cameras, thanks to a tool named 'wacaw'.

“This type of malware is particularly dangerous as it’s hard to detect and offers the attacker full control of the compromised systems,” states Tiberius Axinte, Technical Leader at Bitdefender Antimalware Labs. “For instance, someone can lock you out of your laptop, threaten to blackmail you to restore your private files or transform your laptop into a botnet to attack other devices. The possibilities are endless.”

The app is not digitally signed by Apple, and Bitdefender recommends all Apple users to download applications exclusively from reputable webistes, using a security solution for Apple devices.

The full Bitdefender report about the new malware can be found on this link (PDF).

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