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3 fundamental digital marketing tips for IT startups

Did you know that only 37 per cent of IT startups last longer than 4 years on the market?

Believe it or not, this sector is famous for its low success rate, and most of IT startups are closing their doors within their first year of business. One of the main reasons why startups fail is simply bad marketing. As much as 14 per cent of companies that fail do not have a marketing plan and the ones that do have a plan usually lack competence for a proper execution. In fact, an incompetent team is the main reason why 23 per cent of companies fail.

Furthermore, even if a startup does have a marketing plan, and a competent marketing team, 19 per cent of them will simply get out-competed by other companies that are following all the latest marketing trends.

So even if you have a great and a unique product, and your marketing is on point, you have to recognise that your competition is fierce. This is why you need to keep yourself informed about the latest marketing trends and apply them to your marketing campaigns.

Here is a total of three fundamental and actionable digital marketing tips for IT startups that will definitely boost your brand awareness and possibly even increase conversions.

Produce Relevant & Original Content

According to a survey conducted by Smart Insights, 22 per cent of marketers believe that content marketing is the biggest marketing trend of the year 2016. Recently, the creator of Yoast (that WordPress SEO plug-in that we all know and love), held a lecture on this topic at the latest WordCamp Europe in Vienna. Joost de Walk, the founder and CEO of Yoast, explained that relevant and original content concentrated on the end goal is a definite SEO strategy which guarantees positive results. However, the same rule can be applied to your Social Media Marketing campaigns as well.

But what makes content original? Making sure that your blog posts are unique, or not duplicated, is just a standard practice that you should definitely follow. However, if you want your content to drive actions, engage visitors and eventually boost sales, you need to be focused on the end user. UX is of vital importance to search engines. Naturally, companies like Google want to provide the very best service to their users, and if you are producing content that is both useful and unique, search engines will love your website.

If you want to know how Google determines the quality of content, and which elements can help your content rank higher in search, feel free to study their search quality evaluator guidelines. But before you do, mind your keywords, please.

Mind Your Keywords

There is a great chance that your company is selling business-to-business services. Be aware of the fact that the great majority of decision makers will always research your product thoroughly before they determine if they are going to invest in your services or not. In fact, if a potential client is reaching out to your business, statistically that company already researched at least 65 and up to 90 per cent of their options, and now they are looking to close the deal.

Is your startup going to pop up in search? Social media marketing is a far more effective strategy for business-to-community companies and, as an IT company, you should count on the fact that your prospects will search for your product or service via Google. Furthermore, you should also know that in this type of situation, an average close rate from an SEO lead is 14.6 per cent.

This is why you have to be vigorous in your keyword research. There is a great variety of free research tools that can help you with finding the right ones that will get traffic, and leads, to your website. In this article, written by marketing magnate Neil Patel, you can find not just a list of free tools that you can use, but also some actionable tips on how to use them. Bookmark that page because you are going to need to update your keyword strategy regularly.

Automate Everything

Marketing automation is certainly creating a lot of buzz as well. Actually, apart from content marketing, marketing automation is one of the most popular practices that all the major enterprises are already investing in heavily, and small businesses are slowly picking up on this trend as well. If you would compare this trend to the year 2011, you would find out that there are 11 times more companies today that are heavily investing in marketing automation.

The reason why this trend is so popular is simple – marketing automation works wonders. Every marketer will tell you that their daily tasks can be extremely repetitive, and utilising tools in order to process more tasks in less time is something that every digital marketing expert is dreaming about. With marketing automation platforms, repetitive tasks such as emails, social media posts, and a great variety of other website actions can be automated to a great extent.

Nearly 70 per cent of businesses are implementing some sort of a marketing automation. That vast number of companies cannot be wrong. The only trick is to find the platform that is right for you. Here is a great list of social media automation plugins, and if you are in need of all-inclusive solutions you can find a thorough list of marketing automation platforms here.


Evidently, it is hard to thrive in such a competitive market. But if you are following all of the aforementioned trends – you are definitely on the right track to grow your business and surpass your competition. Stay diligent, and stay digital.

Image source: Shutterstock/Bloomua