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Big Data Partnership helps UK's businesses handle big data

Independent big data professional services consultancy, Big Data Partnership, wants to help businesses optimise their big data assets at any stage of deployment.

In order to achieve that goal, the consultancy announced the launch of its Data Capability Framework (DCF), through which it wants to help businesses maximise value and accelerate speed to market.

“DCF is not product driven; rather, it’s a holistic approach to change management. We’re reviewing companies’ technology stacks as well as whether they have the right skills to support big data technology and the governance to ensure that programmes are successfully delivered,” Big Data Partnership CEO, Carmen Carey says.

Here’s how it works: after a three-day evaluation of the specific needs a business has, DCF will create a detailed plan which can then be implemented. The plan is tailored in cooperation with the C-level stakeholders, and places business strategy at its core rather than limiting assessment to the technology stack.

“DCF is for companies that want to begin big data programmes but do not know where to start and those that are already leveraging big data but may not be aware of the latest technologies and the benefits,” says Big Data Partnership Head of Architecture Paul Quinn.

“The focus of DCF is entirely around ensuring that businesses invest in the correct areas in line with their business goals. It means that businesses can rest easy knowing that they have not spent a lot of money on a big data programme that is unsuitable and that will not deliver business value.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Carlos Amarillo