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Major sport events put people at cyber-risk

Major sports events, such as the recently finished Euro 2016, are putting fans all over the world at cyber-risk, new research report says.

The report, entitled Allot MobileTrends Report UEFA Euro 2016: How Sports Events Put Mobile Users at Risk, was released by Allot Communications, in collaboration with Kaspersky Lab.

According to the report, 17 per cent of mobile users who don't usually use sport apps or visit sport websites, became 'active sports fans' during the Euro 2016 games. Almost half of these casuals' behaviour showed 'high potential risk for malware'.

The number of people at risk, during these games, more than doubled, the report said, adding that it included both online sports betting sites, and social networks as big contributors.

Betting sites have seen their visits more than double during the games.

"Cyber-criminals often use big events to lure users with phishing emails and fake websites, exposing fans to intensified and new potential cyber risks. Users should be aware of potential threats and lookout when clicking on links, entering their credentials on websites or making financial transactions.” noted Alexander Karpitsky, Head of Technology Licensing, Kaspersky Lab.

“We at Kaspersky Lab recommend sport fans take a proactive approach to their online security, especially when mobile, safeguarding their devices with IT security solutions at all times.”

Euro 2016 may be over and Ronaldo may be shedding tears of joy, but it doesn't mean the threat is gone. Summer Olympics are just around the corner, and there's no doubt cyber-criminals will want to exploit the event to steal some money.

Photo Credit: vectorfusionart/Shutterstock