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IT leaders see need for Flash despite barriers to adoption

A new survey from the storage and data management company NetApp has revealed that IT leaders agree there is a need for Flash-based storage despite cost remaining a barrier to adoption.

The company surveyed 3,000 IT decision makers across the UK, France and Germany to gather data for its first industry research into Flash adoption in EMEA. 90 per cent of the respondents agreed that their businesses have a need for Flash. However, cost and a general lack of understanding surrounding the benefits of Flash in financial decision makers present major barriers to widespread adoption of the technology in the region.

The survey found that, despite decreases in the cost of Flash technology, 40 per cent of IT decision makers currently think it is too expensive to invest in. The cost barrier is the highest amongst small businesses in the UK (32 per cent) and Germany (46 per cent). In France it was the same for both small and large businesses at 42 per cent.

IT decision makers from medium sized businesses in France and Germany are the strongest proponents of Flash. 94 per cent even agreed that 'a lack of need for Flash solutions' is not a barrier to Flash adoption. In the UK, small businesses are the biggest supporters of the technology with 92 per cent of respondents stating that a lack of need is not a barrier to adoption.

It was also revealed that one in five (22 per cent) financial decision makers with enterprises do not understand Flash technology well enough to make an investment in it. Larger enterprises were found to have a more pronounced barrier when it comes to this issue with almost one quarter of those surveyed agreeing that financial decision makers do not know enough about Flash.

The Senior Vice President & General Manager EMEA at NetApp, Manfred Reitner, believes Flash could be key to businesses attempting to digitally transform, saying: “For many businesses looking to digitally transform, the idea of an All-Flash data center has become a practical reality. However, despite the introduction of new high capacity drives and downward pricing trends of Flash technologies, our research shows that there is still work to be done to educate business leaders on the true value of Flash.”

“We are working to remove the barriers and risk to Flash adoption, so customers can realise the promise of an All-Flash data center, simply and cost-effectively.”

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Anthony Spadafora
After living and working in South Korea for seven years, Anthony now resides in Houston, Texas where he writes about a variety of technology topics for ITProPortal.