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IT pros under pressure from increasing digital demands

The ever increasing digital demands employees and business leaders have, are putting a lot of strain on IT decision makers, a new report by Sungard AS says.

Digital technology has become crucial for business. Multiple studies, as well as practical examples, have shown that new digital technologies can increase productivity and develop new streams of revenue, while improving communications at both internal and external level.

For more than three quarters (79 per cent), the only way to remain competitive is through digital adoption, the report said. UK employees are also demanding their businesses go more digital, as they claim it makes their jobs easier and lets them develop new skills.

Despite these results and opinions, a third is concerned their company is, in fact, lagging behind the competition. That’s why almost half (47 per cent) think digital transformation is not fast enough, while 50 per cent feel they’re not meeting management demands.

“Adoption of the latest digital technologies is vital in remaining competitive, so if IT fails to deliver, the impact will be felt across the entire organisation.” said Keith Tilley, executive vice president, global sales & customer services management at Sungard Availability Services.

“When implemented correctly, IT can be a powerful force for competitive advantage whether it’s increasing both business and employee productivity, or increasing staff retention – not to mention improving a company’s bottom line.”

Image source: Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens