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Microsoft reveals pricing for Windows 10 Enterprise subscriptions

At its Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 Enterprise will be available as a subscription for $7 per user monthly or $84 annually.

Windows 10 Enterprise will come in two variants with the first being the lower-end E3 version. The second E5 version will include a new service from Microsoft to detect and respond to attacks called Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection.

Last week the company announced the renaming of its two versions of Windows 10 Enterprise and let users know that they would also be available as part of its “Secure Productive Enterprise” bundles.

The bundle which used to be called “Enterprise Cloud Suite” has been renamed to Secure Productive Enterprise E3 and will include enterprise version of its OS, Office 365 E3 and Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 (which used to be known as Enterprise Mobility Suite). Microsoft is also releasing a Secure Productive Enterprise E5 bundle that will include Windows 10 Enterprise E5, Office 365 E5, Enterprise Mobility + Security E5.

Starting this fall, partners will be able to sell the Windows 10 E3 subscription through its Cloud Solution Provider channel. They will also have the ability to give their users one contract, one view of their current subscriptions and usage, one support contract and a much simpler bill.

Both the E3 and E5 versions of Windows 10 Enterprise will be available during the fall of this year after the launch of Windows 10 Anniversary edition. Microsoft also let users know that it will be possible to switch between Windows 10 Pro and the new Enterprise editions without rebooting their systems.

Windows 10 Enterprise will also be available on a per device basis from Microsoft to cater to the needs of individuals who are not keen on its new subscription system.

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