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Skills shortage can cause failed cloud migrations, Bunker says

The digital skills shortage is an enormous problem for the UK economy. It is hindering growth, and placing businesses under various cyber-security risks. It's pushing the current workforce to their outer limits, while the solution is nowhere in sight.

Now, The Bunker is warning of another problem which might occur as a side-effect of the skills shortage epidemic in the country. According to the company's Phil Bindley, current technology climate makes this skills deficit even more acute.

“Our own research indicates that 70 per cent of those who have migrated some data to a cloud infrastructure have already encountered some form of failure. Clearly, organisations are already lacking some key capabilities for this critical undertaking.”

The problem is additionally amplified knowing that the UK is lacking IT security experts. “The modern IT department needs people who are equipped to deal with its unique challenges, and in this organisations have a number of choices. Investing in skills in-house is rightly seen as important, but there’s a limit to the speed with which one can foster all the necessary capabilities within a single organisation. Similarly, public policy changes are unlikely to supply 745,000 skilled technology workers within a year.”

“Fortunately, there are third-party providers who specialise in the required skills. These trusted providers can step in to provide support at critical junctures, either as a short-term fix or as long-term transformation partners. Organisations that are looking to mitigate against this digital skill shortage would be well-advised to see what options are out there,” concludes Bindley.

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Sead Fadilpašić

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